New plastic could revolutionise 3D printing of electronic products Read more here


Just because you have a 3D printer doesn’t mean you’re going to make anything remarkable. It doesn’t even mean you’re going to wind up with what you set out to produce. Believe it or not, 3D printing requires some skill. And when you don’t have it, things go delightfully askew. Read more here:

Rapid Prototyping with Aza Raskin: Aza Raskin, creative lead at Firefox, shares some tips and tricks about rapid prototyping

3D Printing Can Now Re-create an Entire Classic Car

Direct Metal Laser Sintering Defined

Prototype metals are the most important RP innovation and paradigm shift in the evolution of manufacturing.
The market is talking about 3D printing from coast to coast!
Prototype parts in various metals that are extremely accurate and usable.

3D Saves The World?

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Bloomberg Reports:

The Future Is NOW! Why 3D Printing can make the world a better place!

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3D Goes Maintream

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You can now buy a 3D Printer at Staples for $1300.00

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 I thought you would be interested in this article from the May issue of Scientific American.  The special report inside was titled “How to Make the Next Big Thing-The Future of Manufacturing.  The attached article, “To Print The Impossible” really brings things to the front page of the next generation of our business.  

 Read the Article Here : SA-DMLS Article


Engineers at the University of Southampton have designed and flown the world’s first ‘printed’ aircraft, which could revolutionize the economics of aircraft design.

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